Procedural Decal Tools v4.26

Procedural Decal Tools

Procedural Decal Tools – download Unreal Engine asset

Procedural blueprint toolset for generating highly reusable decal content from basic tiling and masked texture inputs. Features:
- Decal Types: Basic Decal, Tiling Decal, Stain Decal, Paint Decal & Patch Decal
- Large set of highly tunable parameters to customize each decal type to exact specifications
- Angle fade masking to remove decal stretching
- Auto alignment of decals to nearest surface at the click of a button
- Supports parallax occlusion mapping based on decal actor alignment
- Generates proceduralized normal edges on some decal types
- Aspect ratio locking on decal actor scale
- Inheritable blueprints for saving custom settings for quick re-use.
- RGBA packed textures & materials are set up to support AO(R), Displacement (G), Roughness (B), Metalness (O). Materials have been commented to allow for easy adjustments to this framework.

Asset version: 4.26
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