Procedural Asset Creator

Procedural Asset Creator

Procedural Asset Creator – download Unreal Engine asset

Create various assets (at runtime or in the editor) - stylized or realistic, using a universal node based system. Generate infinite variations with 1 click. 30 example asset generators included.

Main features:
Possibility to create various types of asset generators
Runtime asset generation support (4.25+)
30 example asset generators included (+ Example how-to maps)
Intuitive node-based system
Easy spline shape based mesh generation nodes
Large set of exposed parameters for mesh generation rules
Custom parameter system with formulas, bool conditions and more
Procedural surface-aligning mesh decals with atlasing support
HDRI lighting setup with many customization options
Set of example materials & textures included
Angle-based mesh smoothing (+ All Smooth & All Flat options)
Along-spline UV mapping (+ Planar & Tri-Planar options)
Vertex Color control for material colorization or texture masking
Node instancing & ‘variations’ system
Assets can be saved as a regular Static Meshes & exported as .FBX or .OBJ
Full Blueprint project, clean & easy to extend
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    1. It is version 4.21!!! At least have courtesy to tell us engine version next time to prevent us from downloading garbage, like this.
      1. Go buy on the marketplace and don't cry here. Nobody owes you anything