Directional Gravity for Physics and Movement v4.26-4.27

Directional Gravity for Physics and Movement

Directional Gravity for Physics and Movement – download Unreal Engine asset

Directional Gravity system allows you to control gravity direction and force for physics and movement. Gravity is specified by volumes placing in the world. Special GravityReceiver component allows physical actors to be affected by gravity volumes. There is custom first person and third person characters those are affected by gravity and orient themself according to gravity direction. Features:
100% Blueprints
Gravity volumes are fully dynamic (can move, can be changed from Blueprints)
Planet (spherical) gravity also supported (can be inverted)
Volumes has priorities
One actor can be affected by multiple volumes with same priority
Object pick up/carry/throw system included
Can be extended with more complex gravitational shapes (requires basic Blueprints knowledge)
Custom First Person and Third Person characters are derived from the pawn class (BP_GravityCharacterFP and BP_GravityCharacterTP can be switched in gamemode BP)

Asset version: 4.26-4.27
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