Custom Shape Volumes v4.26

Custom Shape Volumes

Custom Shape Volumes – download Unreal Engine asset

Quickly create custom shaped volumes that can trigger behavior for when your player enters the area.
This system allows you to add custom shaped volumes to your levels. It also makes it really easy to add your own logic for when a player enters or approaches your volume.

The Custom Shaped Volumes:

Your own shapes: Create your own shape with the splines.
Height: Enable the height Boolean to create a true 3d volume.
Fade Range: For when you want a gradual effect as your player approaches.

Example Volumes included:

Post Process: Change the look of your scene as your player approaches.
Audio: Play a certain audio track in your custom shaped volume.
Named location: Show the name of your location on screen.


A parent blueprint that takes care of all the important logic allowing you to set-up new volumes a lot faster!
A system intended to make it easy to add logic for when your player character enters a volume.
Three example child blueprints.
Easy variables for optimization per area type.
A layering system for additional optimization.

Asset version: 4.26
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