ArchVis Toolkit v4.23+

ArchVis Toolkit

ArchVis Toolkit – download Unreal Engine asset

Add a complete list of interaction features to Architectural Visualization Project easily and in minutes. This toolkit will take your project to a higher level by adding Interaction functionality, like the opening of doors,changes of meshes and materials, Lights interaction, dimmers and more.

Features List:
- Change Meshes & Materials: Just add a Editable Component to any Static Mesh Actor.
- Lights switch & Dimmers: Specify if is a switch or dimmer and link the lights.
- Minimap & Places: Import your level plain, add a floor actor and set the plane and the floor number and that is it, now you have a functional minimap that show player position and rotation.
- Doors & Slider Doors: Add a door or slider door, just set if is automatic or not, specify the rotation angle or movement length and that is it.
- Exterior View: Add as many cameras what you what to the camera manager, and swap the view in each of them while edit or take screenshots of your scene.
- Camera: For take renders.

Asset version: 4.23+
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