Voxel Plugin PRO v4.22-4.25

Voxel Plugin PRO

Voxel Plugin PRO – download Unreal Engine asset

It brings everything you'd expect from a nice voxel plugin:
- ultra fast infinite volumetric worlds
- real time editing of the terrain
- infinite colors, or up to 256 different materials
- 2 modes: smooth (marching cubes with transvoxel for LODs) or cubic (with LODs too)
- full blueprint interface (except world generation which is C++ only or custom graph as blueprint are way too slow, see pro version below)
and lots of other stuff like save/load, undo/redo...

All that is available in a free version, which you can grab here: (marketplace version should come in the next few months)

A pro version is also available, with more features:
- multiplayer support
- (procedural) foliage support
- ultra advanced graph system to generate custom worlds in a few clicks: the graph system supports C++ translation, macros, local variables, textures, curves...
- multiple importers to import voxels from magica vox, 3D coat, meshes, heightmap, UE landscapes...
- voxel physics
and plenty more!

For more details you can check the official website:
You can also discuss with me and the other users on discord (mainly text):
You can also follow me on twitter and youtube:

The plugin also has official wiki and forums:

Asset version: 4.22-4.25
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    1. version 4.26 ??
    2. Please 4.26!