Darker Nodes v4.25-4.26

Darker Nodes

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Darker Nodes – Modern theme for the Unreal Editor.

Darker Nodes is a modern theme for the Unreal Editor.

Its purpose is to improve the feeling of the editor, and reduce the mental load of the complex interface.


Reduce high contrast changes
Flat colors instead of gradient
Thin icons instead of 3D
More subtle unchecked radio buttons/checkboxes
Remove of gloss in blueprints
WARNING: The straight blueprints wires are not included, it's another plugin called Electronic Nodes.

Don't hesitate to suggest modifications on the Github forum!
Technical Details


Interface flat design
Blueprint nodes flat design
Button/textboxes redesign
36 thin icons specially designed (and their variants)


3 grey levels (dark, darker, darkest)
3 temperature levels (cool, normal, warm)
3 primary color (orange, cyan, white)
Ability to disable new icons
Ability to disable blueprint grid
Customize the colors of the theme (background, primary, text)

Code Modules: Editor

Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32, Mac, Linux

Password: 90283763.GAME-ASSET.55539238675

Asset version: 4.25-4.26
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