MultiPacker Redux v4.24-4.26

MultiPacker Redux

Download Unreal Engine Asset – MultiPacker Redux: Pack, Generate and Bake, Faster than ever.

MultiPacker Redux is an Unreal Engine 4 Plugin editor for manipulating Textures and Baking Materials, Channel Packing or Generating SDF Masks; everything is done inside Unreal Engine.

It's an evolution on the basis on MultiPacker, better global performance 4k, the ability to work with Textures from outside the project.

-Channel Pack: An standard to save memory usage on Textures.

-SDF Masks: With a minimal texture footprint, gets incredible results.

-Bake Material: From a Selected Property Material bake the result to a Texture.

-Atlas Packing: Pack Multiple Textures on a Single Texture.

Why a new Plugin?

The old MultiPacker needed a complete rewrite on the code, many parts of the editor are hard to use; all the changes needed breaks the compatibility, for that reason was needed a new Plugin, not a version update.
The plugin are update to take advantage of the new Unreal Engine functions featured on newer versions (4.23>), Editor Utility Widget, Subsystem, Global Shader...
Blueprints Functions accessible on Editor Utility Widget, it allows everyone to have a Editor specialized by the user.

Technical Details

Information about the next update:

The next updates will have minor changes, small fixes and update to 4.25.


Work with Textures without the need to be imported on the project.
Pack Channels, better performance on textures bigger than 2k.
Generate a SDF from a Mask.
Bake a Material from a Selected Property Material, and can get the Material from a Specific StaticMesh or SkeletalMesh.

Code Modules:

MPRTabsEd [Editor]
MPRShader [Developer]

Number of Blueprints: 13

Number of C++ Classes: 2 (Public)

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Win64, Win32.

Supported Target Build Platforms: All

Password: 56888787754.GAME-ASSET.00387641198

Asset version: 4.24-4.26
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