Easy Flight Model v4.26

Easy Flight Model

Easy Flight Model – download Unreal Engine asset

A simple, versatile and easy to use semi-realistic flight model. Just attach it as a child component to any physics body and it'll fly.List of Features:
-Lift, drag - uses a curve to vary coefficient depending on angle of attack.-Can simulate lift and drag caused by sideways movement - for vehicles with vertical lifting surfaces.
-Buoyancy - can also simulate balloons and airships.
-Stabilization - Neutral and control trim simulated, can use control curves to vary for realistic stalls.
-Control surfaces - w/ curves to vary control efficiency based on AoA. -Additional lift devices - flaps and spoilers, deployment/retraction time simulated.
-Engine - control curves, thrust redirection for VTOL.
-Dynamic air density - affecting all aerodynamic forces, default curves based on real world measurements included.
-Mach - lift, drag, stability and engine thrust can be varied depending on mach number.
-Ground effect - using raycast against terrain mesh
-Fly-by-wire computer assists.
-Guidance - automatically adjust controls to steer towards target vector using PID controller.
-Linear mode - optional unrealistic mode for more "slidey" arcade physics.
-Code plugin - works in both C++ and blueprint-only projects.
-Can run in physx substep to increase accuracy.
-Net movement replication with smoothing and jitter filter.
-Complete blueprint integration - all variables can be read and changed.
-No hardcoded parameters.
-Includes bonus very simple raycast landing gear simulation
-Full source code included.
-Lift asymmetry simulation (new in 2.30)

Asset version: 4.26
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