Brushify - Arctic Pack v4.25/4.27

Brushify - Arctic Pack

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Brushify – Arctic Pack

Build epic Arctic environments with this modular pack. Brushify is perfect for open world games and projects that require large detailed outside environments. Everything is modular and ready to be used creatively in Unreal Engine.

This pack comes with a playable ready-made landscape. Everything in the screenshots is provided, along with the powerful shaders and workflows shown in Brushify tutorials.

Showcase Video:

Merging packs: Brushify packs can be merged. In the Epic launcher, click 'Add to project' then 'Overwrite files'.

Tutorials: Learn to use Brushify with Bootcamp!

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Technical Details


4 Unique Arctic Terrain Brushes (as pictured above)
Each Terrain Brush has both Meshes and Alpha Brushes.
1 Alpha Brush Texture is included that can be used to sculpt mountains directly into the landscape. (4 separate brushes are stored in the R G B A Channels of the texture.)
This pack contains a ready-made Arctic level already built using the Brushify assets.
Includes the Brushify Landscape Auto material that automatically textures the terrain as users paint.
Automaterial includes 9 Paintable Biome materials Grass, GrassDry, Desert, Dunes, Beach, Forest, ForestDry, Snow, Mud
Optimized Grass is also included
Includes rock meshes
Includes Procedural Spawner that automatically covers terrain slopes with rocks

Texture Sizes: Textures vary from 2048x2048 up to 8192x8192 resolution

Vertex Count: 1000 to 100,000

LODs: All Meshes have between 5-6 LODs

4 Distance Terrain meshes

3 Rock Meshes

1 Grass Mesh

4 Materials

30 Material Instances

40 Textures

1 Terrain Alpha Brush Texture (4 separate alphas in RGBA Channels)

Contains Landscape Auto Material (auto textures terrain, paint down multiple biomes, easy material and layer setup)

Contains Near Mesh shader (easily switch assets to different biomes: snow, desert, coast)

Contains Simple Water Shader

Contains Foliage Material

Contains Cloud Shadows Material

Asset version: 4.25/4.27
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