Meadow - Environment Set v4.26

Meadow - Environment Set

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Meadow – Environment Set

100% scanned and carefully optimized big foliage library. Perfect for meadow, forest and wet lands. In pack you will find grass, rocks, cliffs, trees, trunks, landscape textures, bushes, flowers, swamp water, and fence.

Its big library of 100% photoscanned. It could be used to build whole meadow environments including grass, dirty and wet roads, trees, rocks, cliffs, bushes, flowers, details like leaves.


31 grass/flower types
8 Bushes
11 Trees (3 plants, 2 small, 1 medium, 2 big, 2 forest, 1 dead)
3 trunks and 2 mushrooms


24 cliffs in parts and merged in bigger shapes.
20 rocks from small to big
Rocks and cliffs material contain cover by angle function with mask option.


Dirty road with wet ground mix
Dirty path with wet ground mix


Swamp material which blend up to 2 detail types with water
Water material


6 LP landscapes
9 ground texture sets: leaves, grass x 3, soil, wet soil, sand x2,needles.


24 Fence system meshes (span and posts)
13 pre-built fence meshes
19 fence construction sets

Password: 97348382.GAME-ASSET.34239864219

Asset version: 4.26
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