Highway - Environment v4.25-4.26

Highway - Environment

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Evening Highway – Environment: Full realtime game ready environment scene

Update: Foliage set with Pivot Painter feature has been added to the project + Pivot Painter demo map.

Pivot Painter Demo Video.

All models are well optimized and game ready.

Texel density for small assets is around 1k x 1m^2.

Other assets are set up using layered materials with 2k tiling textures.

Tiling textures scale is easily customizable in Material Instances.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions:

- Demo map, which you can see on the screenshots and the video, is included in the asset pack.

- Demo map includes some unique (non-modular) static mesh based world elements, like terrain, curved roads etc.

- Modular Road Set is a bunch of static meshes and is not set up to work with Landscape Splines.

- Buildings are not modular.

- Everything that is not marked HERE as modular is not actually modular.

Technical Details



10 Traffic Signs
6 Modular Wooden Fences
3 Modular Construction Fences
5 Modular Traffic Barriers
2 Lampposts
4 Modular Pipes
2 Trailers
2 Billboards
15 Rocks
Railway Power Pole
Modular Bridge and Roads
and more

17 Decals


6 Big Trees (4 unique)
5 Small Trees
3 Bushes
8 all kinds of grass

Backdrop Assets:

2 Buildings
2 Tower Cranes
Railroad Base
Modular Railroad

PBR materials for all assets

PBR tiling texture sets

Demo Map


Number of Meshes: 162.

Collision: Yes. Manually created simple box collisions ( auto-generated for rocks)

LODs: No. All the assets are well-optimized (see screenshots with polycount)

Materials: 7 Parents, 93 Instances

Textures: 172

Texture Resolution: from 512 to 4k. Most textures are 2k

Supported Development Platforms: PC


The Project uses HDR image under CC0 license from HDRIHaven.

Demonstration map includes some unique (non-modular) assets,

such as: static mesh based terrain, curved roads/pedestrian and bicycle lanes.

BUT, there is modular roads/lanes set included in the project instead (see screenshots).

Asset version: 4.25-4.26
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