UE4 Automotive Visuals (Hybrid Rendering) v4.22-4.25

UE4 Automotive Visuals (Hybrid Rendering)

UE4 Automotive Visuals (Hybrid Rendering)

Hi, folks,
I'm happy to publish my UE4 automotive scene here and this package is free to everyone.

I'm planning a personal project which needs a good visual for vehicles. so I made such an example scene for the test. This package is still in an early stage and I will continuously update to make it more and more complete. I currently have such a roadmap below you can check it out. If you have any suggestions you may leave a message on my Artstation.

You will get:

UE4 project file ( Requires UE 4.22 or above -Ray tracing deployed)

Car: AE86, Chevrolet Stingray (have already integrated into the scene)

(I can't provide other vehicles because those are the commercial product from online stores)

Asset version: 4.22-4.25
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