Cemetery Full Pack

Cemetery Full Pack

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Cemetery Full Pack: Full and necessary content to create a gloomy, decrepit, abandoned cemetery.

Contains all of the necessary and sufficient content needed to create a level such as a gloomy & decrepit cemetery.

There are tombstones, statues, foundations, postments, crypts, candles, lamps, roads, fences, growth, foliage, trees, fences, chapel, entrails chapel, terrain, dark sky, and FX.

Technical Details


Contains all the necessary and sufficient content to create a level like a graveyard.
There are tombstones, statues, foundations, crypts, candles, lamps.
Modular road and intersections, road based on splines for curved road shapes.
Modular fences of different types, gates.
Modular small fences.
Trees, foliage and growth. Some foliage includes a flutter animation.
Precasting foundation.
Chapel with all the necessary internal content, doors.
The Chapel building is assembled from 2 parts, external and internal, for optimization.
Some models created using combination of photogrammetry and 3D sculpting
Some objects are made in the classic way.
Some objects have LODs.
Layer material for terrain included.
The sky is included.
FX fire candles, FX rain, FX breaking rain included.
The level with configured and prepared example of use, like in presentation is included.

Texture Sizes:

16x16: 4
64x64: 2
128x128: 3
512x512: 7
4096x4096: 24
1024x2048: 2
1024x4096: 1

Collision: Yes, automatically generated & custom

Vertex Count: 8 - 13,216

LODs: Yes

Number of Meshes: 255

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 34 Materials and 102 Instances

Number of Textures: 203

Password: 08732525549866.GAME-ASSET.000333888824375
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