Lordenfel: Castles & Dungeons RPG pack

Lordenfel: Castles & Dungeons RPG pack

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Lordenfel: Castles & Dungeons RPG pack

Design exciting places to explore and fight enemies or emerge players in a story with the power of this environment pack.

The pack is designed to create indoor/dungeon and outdoor areas of castles with a single set of objects. Supplied with natural assets like rocks, mountains and vegetation, it allows to build large natural scenes as well as complex buildings and ruins.

Works for: Places to explore, kill enemies and find loot - like old castles, fortresses, ruins, dungeons, forsaken places etc. Multiplayer maps.

Doesn’t work for: Villages, towns, buildings where people actually live etc. The pack is more about adventure part of games.

Suitable for all camera views from 1-st person to top-down.

Recommended for PC/Console platforms.

Not recommended for mobile platforms.

Technical Details


Over 500 high quality, game ready assets
Game ready demo scene
32 pre-made dungeon rooms
Dungeon Architect theme for Souls-like dungeons
Complete nature set:

Trees, bushes, ferns, grass, ivy, plants and roots

Rock pile, rocks, cliffs, mountains

Foliage assets ready for painting in engine
landscape materials: Grass, Ground, Rocky Ground, Rock and Snow
Floors and walls ready for vertex painting with 3 layers
Clean materials, no unnecessary nodes or texture maps

Number of Unique Meshes: 520

Collision: Custom

Vertex Count: from 4 to 12000 per mesh

LODs: Custom, generally 2 for each asset

Number of Materials: 13 master materials, 60 instances

Number of Textures: 134

Texture Resolutions: generally 2048x2048 or less

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Not tested
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