Mountain Temple Modular Kit v4.25

Mountain Temple Modular Kit

Mountain Temple Modular Kit – download Unreal Engine asset

An asset packed of an Eastern Styled Mountain Temple with modular pieces to create the Temple and an automatic landscape material with foliage and rock meshes.

Modular Kit to create an exterior of an Temple, with unique meshes to add to the setting and multiple Blueprints of lanterns and bunting to ease of set dressing.

Landscape material based on slope with grass meshes to spawn on flat ground and rocks on slopes.

Tri-planar materials on rock details and snow materials for more seamless transition

Global Snow parameters that can change the snow level and gradient.
Technical Details


Modular Kit is fit to a 1m base with variations in 3m and 5m length pieces.
Several more unique assets to fill scene, and where necessary have been made into blueprints with particle effects for easier set dressing.
Spline mesh Blueprints of rope and hanging bunting.
All light/lantern blueprints have been made with static lights and with a faked volumetric light that fades and culls over distance.
10 weapon meshes in static mesh form.
An automatic landscape material based on slope angle with tri-planar and tessellation and all layers are paint-able.
A global parameters settings that affect Sow level/gradient, wind direction, moss mask tiling, triplanar materials.
Several Cliff, boulder and rock meshes.
A collection of ground plants and foliage- linked to a Grass function in the Landscape material
Particle effects of fire, candle flames, smoke and dust particles.
VFX Blueprints of cloud and fog cards.

Number of Unique Meshes: 100

Collision: Yes- Made in Maya

Vertex Count: from 200 tris to 20k tris depending on the mesh and size

LODs: Yes - Made in Maya - minimum of 2 LODs with some Rock/Cliff meshes going up to 6

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 17 Master materials, 9 Material Functions, 39 material Instances

Number of Textures: 113

Texture Resolutions: Majority of textures at 2k, with some exceptions at 4k for the larger cliff meshes. And VFX has maximum of 1k with a LOD bias of 1 set

Supported Development Platforms:


Mac: No

Documentation: PDF in uproject directory

Password: 8346278653477.GAME-ASSET.50060078476236

Asset version: 4.25
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