Old Style Pharmacist Laboratory

Old Style Pharmacist Laboratory

Old Style Pharmacist Laboratory – download Unreal Engine asset

More than 50 different meshes with respective materials for the creation of an old style pharmacist / chemist laboratory updated since last submission.

Preview: Meshes with respective materials to create an old laboratory as it existed in some pharmacies, chemist stores and universities. It was created with the collaboration of pharmacists, based on their memories and photographs. Laboratories similar to this can still be found in some countries but with more modern electric equipment. It was created to look new and clean but some models can also be used for witchcraft, alchemy or potion making. Includes meshes and materials for: • bookshelves, books and pergaments • work tables • old scale • pharmacist jars for plants and creams • mortar and pestles • human skull model • open cooking area and oven • basins and glassware dryer • laboratory glassware (burette, measure cylinder, flasks, test tubes...) • includes 2 types of glass material and 1 translucent liquid material • includes a few simple building parts (the same used to create the screenshots) Includes a few simple building parts and materials (the same used to create the screenshots).
Technical Details
Number of Meshes: 129
Number of Materials:85
Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: No
Use of World Displacement in materials: No
Number of Textures:117
Texture Resolution:from 512x512 (in minor models) to 4096x4096
Intended Platform: Desktop, Windows
Platforms Tested: Desktop, Windows 7
Documentation Included: No
Includes 2 example laboratories.
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