Landscape Pro 3 - Automatic Natural Environment Creation Tool v4.26

Landscape Pro 3 - Automatic Natural Environment Creation Tool

Landscape Pro 3 – Automatic Natural Environment Creation Tool – download Unreal Engine asset

Creates a realistic landscape within minutes, including forests, cliffs and large grasslands

Hello Everyone,

this pack focuses on creating a breathtaking realistic landscape within minutes. It is designed to save indie and professional developers a lot of time so that they can concentrate on the essentials.

LandscapePro 3 combines more than 5 years of R&D for UE4 optimization and over 15 years in 3D-Art experience into one package to bring you and easy workflow for generate a realistic, beautiful looking and highly performant landscape.

The landscape material includes 6 layers with different vegetation and prop categories like stones and plants. Rock textures are automatically drawn onto the landscape without distortion.

This package also includes a PivotPainter2-based wind system for all plants. The wind strength can be changed with just one parameter for all objects.

The whole package is highly customizable. Extend the pack easily or replace the current content if you want to.

Use LandscapePro 3 and focus on creating video games, not just landscapes!
Technical Details


Landscape Material with 6 different vegetations

Darker Grass
Needle forest
Broadleaf forest

Automatic cliff placement

Wind System


Number of Unique Meshes: 79

Collision: Yes

Most plants are using generated collisions and rocks per-poly.

Vertex Count:

Pines: 7000 - 12.500
Small-Pines: 500 - 1400
Broadleafs: 3000 - 21.000
Oaks: 33.000 - 38.000
Bushes: 1100 - 7500
Farn: 700 - 2600
Grass: 70 - 320
Heather: 150 - 260
Larg Burdock: 370 - 530
Nettles: 1400
Rocks: 1300 - 8400
Stones: 360
Senecio Ovatus: 530

LODs: Yes - included Billboards

Number of Materials and Material Instances:

4 Materials
153 Material Instances

Number of Textures: 287

Texture Resolutions:

Many low res textures for PivotPainter2

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Password: 987436438976.GAME-ASSET.0506070400000

Asset version: 4.26
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    1. Awesome !
      Cant wait to try that out.
      Fantastic Assets you bring up here <3
      Appreciate that.
    2. fantastic, cant wait to try this out many thanks
    3. Yeah I download it 6 days ago and can't wait for this asset. This is the new version of it so it's got to be awesome
    4. Any news on the password