Asian Temple Pack by Meshingun Studio v4.26

Asian Temple Pack by Meshingun Studio

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Asian Temple Pack by Meshingun Studio: Customizable/Cosmetic BPs/Optimized and Game Ready

Asian Temple is a pack consist of many organic assets such as trees, cliffs, vines, and architectural pieces with the Asian theme.
Technical Details

1 Pre-Assembled Map (Showcase)

1 Extra Lighting Sublevel for Foggy Dawn.


1 Overview Map

Cosmetic Tools

· Parentable Dynamic Material Instance Creator (Creates DMI for any static mesh of your choice and let you edit their parameters in real-time)

2 Master Materials

· More than 100 Material Instances

62 Unique and Modular Assets

· Foliage such as Trees, Bushes, Vines and etc.

· Modular Architectural Assets such as Walls, Railing, Roofs.

· Spline Root

· Scalable Cliffs and Rocks with Top Mask.

More than 30 Sets of Textures

· Unique/Tile

Custom LODs up to 6 Levels

Vertex-paintable Master-Material

Asset version: 4.26
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