Hospital environment (MODULAR) v4.26

Hospital environment (MODULAR)

Hospital environment (MODULAR) – download Unreal Engine asset

A collection of assets that will allow you to create a convincing realistic apartment building with various layers of narrative.

The project is a hospital operating room, as well as an adjacent hospital corridor. The premises are filled with medical equipment, instruments and devices. The project includes everything you see on the demo images.

The project includes:

Walls, windows, modular ceilings (the lamp is made of a luminous texture), doors.

Medical devices and equipment.

The developer can build their own playing space from the corridors and rooms, using modular parts, change the color of the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture and other models. All materials with the ability to customize physical parameters (PBR). If you want, you can use your own textures (modular models have the right texture sweeps).
Technical Details

Modular models (walls, ceilings, floor, windows) are made in the form of individual parts with dimensions that are multiples of 10 cm. All modular elements are easily combined with a grid spacing (10 cm).

Handrails on the walls of the corridor, as well as wires and cables are made using blueprints (placement of splines).


High quality of models and textures

Texture Size: The resolution of the textures is varied (from 512 to 4096)

Collision: Yes (automatically)

LODs: Yes (33 Meshes)

Vertex Count:

floors, walls, ceilings (from 24 to 576)
doors (from 120 to 1411)
other objects (from 20 to 22 934)

Number of Meshes: 142

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 70 (PBR materials)

Number of Textures: 173

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Asset version: 4.26
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