Custom Lens Flares Material v4.26

Custom Lens Flares Material

Custom Lens Flares Material – download Unreal Engine asset

This content is designed to help simulate custom lens flare effects like simple flares around light sources, sun, or anamorphic lens flares and correctly handle cases when objects are overlapped.

This realization of the lens flares uses a material (shader) to control lens flares opacity and particle system to render the effect. The material compares values stored in depth buffer with distance to camera for a few points on a screen. In simplest case, it compares depth value for center of a particle with distance from the particle to camera.

Technical Details

- Correctly handles overlapping
- Works for all cameras and viewports, independently of FOV and aspect ratio
- Has options to control intensity in relation to size of overlapping area
- Works with split screen
- Doesn't implement any new UObjects in C++
- Runs on GPU side only

The package contains:
- A blueprint to create a light source with attached effect
- Lens Flare master material with various instances and flare texture
- Particle system that can be used as template to customized lens flare effects
- Demo level

Asset version: 4.26
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