Cinemotion 2 Real Handheld Camera Motion Kit v4.26

Cinemotion 2 Real Handheld Camera Motion Kit

Cinemotion 2 Real Handheld Camera Motion Kit – download Unreal Engine asset

Created from real camera motion, CineMotion is a library of virtual production camera clips to quickly add realism to UE4 sequences. From subtle idle layers to wild roaming motion, pans, reveals and more. Add instant realism & production value to your UE4 cinematics with 98 unique handheld camera motion clips. A simple, standardised library of assets that apply customisable camera motion, directly in the sequencer. Cinemotion gives you fast, realistic cameras for virtual filmmaking, cut-scenes and more…

Cinemotion Includes:
- 40 unique Idles & 58 Framing moves (920 camera files in total including all variants).
- ++ 5 levels of pre-baked motion smoothing for each take, making it easy to dial up or down the camera feel.
- ++ All cameras come with full 6DoF movement and rotation only versions, to give you even more control.
- ++ All files are conformed to UE4 scale and apply directly to cameras in the sequencer.
- ++ Shot using a cine-style shoulder rig for correct weight and stability. No apps, setup or plugins needed.
- ++ Basic example map showing a quick setup to customise and manipulate the motion data in your scene.
- ++ All cameras are axis aligned and centred around world 0 which apply additively to existing cameras.
- ++ Store the camera files on your hard-drive to easily import in to any project.
- ++ Retime, crossfade, change the intensity of the camera motion inside the sequencer.

Asset version: 4.26
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