Luos's Particle Toolkit Vol. 1 v4.25+

Luos's Particle Toolkit Vol. 1

Luos's Particle Toolkit Vol. 1 – download Unreal Engine asset

This Particle Toolkit Offers a load of meshes, noise textures, material functions, vectorfields and more for your vfx creation needs! Also contains 67 example particles and youtube videos of their creation.Luos's Particle Toolkit is a nice toolbox filled with all kinds of great content to create your own particle with! It comes with all kinds of material functions, noise textures, meshes, and more, all for your particle creating needs.

Technical Details
- 67 Particle effects (cpu, gpu, ribbon, mesh)
- 200 textures that can be used for a variety of effects
- 11 flip-books
- 9 gradients
- 23 masks
- 38 RGB Channel Noise Textures, each RGB filled
- 45 Normal maps for UV distortion
- 30 gray-scale noise textures
- 50+ textures of the random variety (sprites, noise, normal, detail, etc)
- A few other textures (baked for models, uncategorized)

- 43 custom Static Vector Fields
- 180 static meshes usable for mesh-based particle effects
- 147 materials
- 77 material instances
- 6 Sounds
- 7 Showcase levels
- 25 Material functions, WITH examples for most functions
- 14 blueprints for showcasing the content.

Asset version: 4.25+
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