Space Skybox Collection 3 v4.26

Space Skybox Collection 3

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Space Skybox Collection 3: Five Skyboxes for space scenes.


This collection includes four space skyboxes materials for space scenes backgrounds. Each material is made of three texture layers: one for the stars nearby, one for the nebulae and the last one for distant stars and galaxies. All main nebulae skyboxes are provided in both single cubemap and six square images formats.
Technical Details

Main Nebulae skyboxes: 5 (4096 x 2048)
Starfield skyboxes: 8 (8192 x 4096)
Master materials: 1
Material Instances: 4
Meshes: 1
Maps: 4

Password: 583339325.GAME-ASSET.29645466

Asset version: 4.26
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