The Perfect Tile System

The Perfect Tile System

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The Perfect Tile System is a material built to handle tile variation at a very large scale. It allows artists to design different types of tiling surfaces including solid tiles, glass tiles, frosted glass tiles, metallic tiles, bricks, wooden paneling, and much more. It also allows game artists to render large surfaces with great variation in realtime. The system is fully scalable down to extremely cheap rendering options and up to supporting complex surfaces with parallax occlusion, Direct X 11 tessellation, subsurface scattering, clear coat rendering, and more. The basic set includes the material, fully annotated, 65 presets showcased in an example map, a PDF user guide, a few material functions, and a collection of art assets and tile maps for tiles of different shapes and sizes. Textures, normal maps, and masks are included for bricks, stone, and wooden surfaces. With the Perfect Tile System, anything is possible!
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