Forest Floor

Forest Floor

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Forest Floor

Assets include ground meshes, weed bushes, demo map, particle FX, and BP.

Technical Details


12 ground meshes
5 weed bushes
1 particle FX
1 BP to spawn particle FX near player
1 demo map
4 master materials
16 instances
34 textures (1x1K and 33x4K)

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes

Collision: Yes, in editor generated

LOD Vertex Count:

Ground meshes LODs x 5
LOD0 17K-30K Vertices
LOD5 20-42 vertices
Weed bushes LOD x 1 / vertex count 1100-8900

Supported Target Platforms: Tested on win64bit

Notes: Demo Scene FPS: GTX 1070/i7-7820 2.9Ghz/High scalability settings/Play in editor full screen 1920x1080 = Steady 120+ FPS
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