Nordic Harbour - Modular City Building Kit v4.24

Nordic Harbour - Modular City Building Kit

Download Unreal Engine Asset – Nordic Harbour – Modular City Building Kit. A high quality Nordic Harbour environment including props, modular assets, particle effects, blueprint prefab instances and 4K materials.

Design your own high quality Nordic Harbour within minutes.

Includes a fully detailed pack of facade modules so you can create a nearly infinite number of buildings. Also includes street props, decals, pavement modules, foliage, traffic signs, street lights, 4K materials, and more so you can build a high detailed environment.

This package includes 15 Prefab Buildings, ready to use. Just drop the building you like in the map, and edit each instance that you placed so you can have lots of different buildings with almost no effort. Modify its wall textures, windows, roofs, etc, and you will get a huge amount of varied buildings.

All windows have texture cubemaps simulating fake interiors.

You have up to 5 different interiors to use on the windows. This parallax texture moves along the camera, so it gives the illusion that there is a interior, when in reality it is only a texture.


Highly optimized dynamic environment.
44 different Building Modules (Roof, Windows, Walls, Gutter, Doors, Gates, Stairs, Chimneys...)
15 Blueprint Prefab buildings.
20 different Street Furniture props (Bench, Traffic Cone, Street Light, Traffic Lights. Trashes, Electricity Boxes...)
18 Street Modules (Roads, Pavement, Dock...)
16 different Traffic Signs.

Technical Details

Number of Unique Meshes: 126

Number of Blueprints: 15

Collision: Yes, mostly automatically generated, some are custom.

LODs: Some of the props (Foliage) have LODs.

Number of Materials: 18

Number of Material Instances: 122

Number of Textures: 275

Texture Resolutions:


Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes

Asset version: 4.24
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