Sandbag Singles

Sandbag Singles

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Realistically rendered military sandbags based on photoscanned data. Commonly used in the construction of military defense barricades and defenses. Designed to supplement the sandbag walls package, but can be used standalone.

This package contains six unique single sandbag meshes and four groups of the same sandbags as meshes. These sandbags are primarily intended to be used to complement a larger sandbag structure or walls to add extra detail and believability to a scene and allow for single physics-enabled sandbags if you for example want to explode a sandbag wall. No other package is required however, and they can be used on their own.

If you only intend to create entire sandbag walls, we recommend you to instead use our other package "Sandbag Walls" for ease of creation and increased performance.

All the meshes share the same 4096x4096 texture atlas (Albedo, Normal, Roughness, AO and masks) where the roughness is placed in the albedo alpha channel. The AO is placed in the normal blue channel, and dirt mask is placed in the normal alpha channel. Additional textures include detail textures for cloth and dirt on the sandbags and terrain/ground textures.

All the meshes have collision and LODs ranging from around 1500 tris on LOD0 for the single sandbags to around 150 tris at LOD3. The clustered sandbags range from around 5-7k tris at LOD0 down to around 700-800 tris for LOD3.

The shader is using the same set-up as the Sandbag Walls package. We hope you enjoy this content and use it to create amazing games.
Technical Details

Number of Materials: Two unique, one instance

Number of Textures: 12

Texture resolution (complete list):

SandbagSingles_01_Albedo_R 4096x4096 (albedo/roughness)
SandbagSingles_01_NOM 4096x4096 (normal/occlusion/dirt Mask)
SandbagSingles_01_M 4096x4096 (water/wetness mask)
SandbagWallDetail_01_Normal 512x512 (detail cloth normal)
SandbagWallDetailDirt_01_Albedo 512x512 (detail dirt albedo)
SandbagWallDetailDirt_01_Normal 512x512 (detail dirt normal)
GroundRockCement_01_AR 4096x4096 (ground material albedo/roughness)
GroundRockCement_01_NAOD 4096x4096 (ground material normal/ao/displacement)
GroundRockCement_03_AR 4096x4096 (ground material albedo/roughness)
GroundRockCement_03_NAOD 4096x4096 (ground material normal/ao/displacement)
RGBM_Grunge_02 2048x2048 (R/G/B Grunge mask texture)
WaterPuddle_01_N 1024x1024 (animated water normal)

Important\Additional Notes: Wetness amount can be adjusted through the wetness material function.
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