Cloth Vertex Animation Pack v4.26

Cloth Vertex Animation Pack

Cloth Vertex Animation Pack – download Unreal Engine asset: Cloth, Flag, Curtain Vertex Animations

The Cloth Vertex Animations Pack is for those who would like to get Cloth Simulation effects in the cheapest way in PC and VR games! Why Vertex animations instead of Skeletal Meshes? Vertex Animations are the cheapest way for the shader calculations to get animations going! It includes 10 meshes highly optimized for lower-end hardware, but it's also useful for PC's and Consoles as well!

This pack includes source files for making your own textures for Curtains, Flags, Clothes and more! Send me a mail for more info!

Technical Details


Clothes hanging from a string
Multiple types of flags
Two types of curtains
and many more!

Texture Sizes:

All Textures are 2048x2048
except the Vector Displacement Maps, which are automatically generated in 3ds Max

Collision: Automatically generated

Vertex Count: Ranges from 300 to about 2000 per each mesh

LODs: 0

Number of Meshes: 10

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 17

Number of Textures: 56

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, VR

Asset version: 4.26
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